New All Flames Cast Chapters Coming!


That’s right! Two new chapters from All Flames Cast will be finding their way onto Dcafwriting in the coming days! Both chapters are from Eritan’s point of view, and will be the final Eritan chapters posted here.

You see, I have eight chapters from Harael already posted, which is a little more than a third of his plot arc in All Flames Cast. Harael also has by far the most chapters of the three characters. However, for the sake of balancing things out (and giving all you awesome readers a little more to sink your teeth into!), I’ll be posting a third of Eritan’s nine chapters and a third of Tymun’s projected 13. The Tymun chapters will be a little further down the line, as his storyline isn’t totally finished yet, and I want to at least get through a first revision before I post more from him.

So there you have it: eight Harael chapters, three Eritan chapters, and four from Tymun. It’s rather a lot to post for free on here, but I hope you all enjoy them! You can find the existing chapters at the main All Flames Cast page.

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