All Flames Cast


All Flames Cast is Book One in The Chronicle of the Sons. It is an epic fantasy novel about a world in which priests can create fire through prayer, and an entire religion and empire have grown up around this one principle.

When outside forces begin exerting pressure on the Letaalese Empire and old beliefs begin to rise again, three citizens of Letaal find themselves thrown into the changing world. Follow Eritan, the emperor; Harael, the priest; and Tymun, the soldier, as they struggle with their own lives as well as the rising tide of change.

Teaser Chapters

Prologue – Spark

Harael I – The Heart of the Phoenix

Harael II – The Night of Ten Thousand Fires

Eritan I – Dragon and Phoenix

Harael III – Dawn of Embers

Tymun I – Seeds of Doubt

Eritan II – The Empress

Tymun II – Rumors in Letaal

Eritan III – Talk of Conquest

Tymun III – Going East

Harael IV – Barrier

Harael V – The Three Gates

Harael VI – Beyond the Faith

Harael VII – Of Pallo and Tyler

Harael VIII – Avernen Winter

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