Poem – Aura


Since I’m too busy with writing long-term fiction (i.e. Seeds of Doubt, which should be done in a month or so) I’ve decided to start legitimately trying my hand at poetry. The following is the first such result:


Frosting in shallow night
Flames that dance and move
Hope that burns none so bright
Only time to prove

Aura effervescent
Fleet but calm and cool
Crystal season silent
Shatter now the rule

Moths before the flame
In abyss and light
Helpless to the name
Under frosted night

Poem – Reflection of Orange


Yes, I’m actually a posting a poem—not my forte, I know—but I felt pretty strongly about this one.


What began with folds of orange soft
Reflecting back from shining eyes
Through raucous night ‘til held aloft
Deft hands and minds undoing ties

Ace found hidden underground
Before red silk and leather black Continue reading

Poem #1 – foREVer


The following is a found poem I put together for a poetry class last semester. It includes lyrics from the songs “Fiction,” “I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1,” “Save Me,” and “So Far Away” by Avenged Sevenfold. As could be expected from the title, it is dedicated to the memory of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, ex-drummer for A7x.

I never feared for anything;
now I think I understand
how this world can overcome a man.

Led by the lunar light
I won’t see you tonight.

They all know.
They all know.
Help me find my way.

I heard there’s peace
just on the other side.

Promise me you’ll never feel afraid,
all the ones around me I cared for
and most of all I loved.

I hope you’ll find your own way
when I’m not with you—