Poem – Softly, Softly


Softly, softly falling
It blurs the twinkled lights
Hurry, hurry, calling
Too many wasted nights

Closer, closer moving
Under burning bright lights
Timid, timid, proving
Over those simple nights Continue reading

Poem – Aura


Since I’m too busy with writing long-term fiction (i.e. Seeds of Doubt, which should be done in a month or so) I’ve decided to start legitimately trying my hand at poetry. The following is the first such result:


Frosting in shallow night
Flames that dance and move
Hope that burns none so bright
Only time to prove

Aura effervescent
Fleet but calm and cool
Crystal season silent
Shatter now the rule

Moths before the flame
In abyss and light
Helpless to the name
Under frosted night