I’m Still Alive…


Dcafwriting has been pretty dead lately, I know. Blame the NHL and specifically the New York Rangers for still hanging around in the playoffs. My writing and reading time gets drastically reduced when all I can think about is hockey. But…

New content is coming to Dcafwriting very soon!

Keep an eye out this weekend for a new WoT reread post as I get going on The Shadow Rising; a new short story set in the world of Trayan and Mar, an indirect prequel to “Winters Past”, will also be finding its way onto the site. All this work is setup for my next project over the summer—a novella about Mar and Trayan! As I close in on finishing the first draft of All Flames Cast, I’ve been ramping up the worldbuilding for this novella.

The moral of the story is, yeah, I’ve been slow about posting lately, but it will be picking up in the near future as NHL saturation is decreasing. My life will return to some kind of normalcy, and that means new content for all of you!

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