Back from the dead


Well, more like a two-and-a-half-month coma. Between hockey, work, and preparing for JordanCon (more on this later), I’ve had zero motivation to do much writing beyond some more preliminary work on Strings. I’ve really let this site fall by the wayside especially, but I’m going to change that starting this weekend.

There will be a new Book of the Week post, probably either tonight or tomorrow, and a big blog post about JordanCon this past weekend. It was crazy, and a wonderful time. I think it deserves more than a mention on here.

Beyond that, I’m going to try to pick up my WoT reread once again, especially with the news from Team Jordan about the TV show. It’ll probably be slow going, though, because I’m reading about a half dozen other things right now, in addition to diving back into revisions on All Flames Cast. It’ll be busy, but I’m determined to keep this place up, going forward.

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