Drew’s Wheel of Time Reread – The Eye of the World Part 1


Welcome to Drew’s Wheel of Time Re-read! Today I’ll be covering Part One of The Eye of the World, from the prologue to Shadar Logoth. There will be spoilers for the entire series in these posts, so proceed with caution if you haven’t read through A Memory of Light. For those wondering, I will be covering the prequel, New Spring, after Book Seven, A Crown of Swords. I will be using a lot of acronyms in this reread series, especially with book titles. For reference, check out the handy list in my introductory post here. And now, onward. Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time! Continue reading

Drew’s Wheel of Time Reread – Introduction


I’m doing a Wheel of Time reread! For those who know me personally, you know how I feel about this series; for those who don’t, WoT is a formative series in my life and is the main reason I became a writer. The depth, complexity, and creativity of the world and story just sucked me in, all those years ago, and ignited the spark of storytelling. Robert Jordan’s crowning work truly opened my eyes to everything the fantasy genre can offer.

This reread will be structured into (hopefully) two or three posts per book. It will likely be one post every week, as I want to take my time reading through it. I’ll be discussing my impressions, both from the first time I read the series, and now, on this umpteenth reread. I’m looking forward to getting a lot of my thoughts down and seeing where WoT takes me this time. Continue reading

Firefight – A Review


Brandon Sanderson’s newest effort, Firefight, is the second book in his YA Reckoners Trilogy. I read Steelheart, the first book, and enjoyed it on the whole but found some things to be a little frustrating; on the other hand, I very much enjoyed the characters of Megan and Prof, and their respective reveals.

Large spoilers for Steelheart and smaller for Firefight follow. Continue reading

Cup of Dcaf: Managing Comparisons in Writing Style


I don’t think it’s any surprise that a lot of people get discouraged while writing novels—or poetry, or short stories, or…well, you get it. There are a whole host of reasons why these things all too often end up unfinished: lack of time, lack of motivation, the sheer difficulty of writing 50 or 100 thousand words.

One thing, I think, often goes overlooked, and that is the tendency of writers to be readers. Continue reading

Words of Radiance – A Review


The following is a review of Book Two of Brandon Sanderson’s colossal epic fantasy series, The Stormlight Archive. While I will be refraining from posting any major plot spoilers, there are still some thematic elements discussed herein. If you’ve only read The Way of Kings, I’d recommend proceeding with caution. Continue reading