Possible new short story coming up


I’ve been working on a new story, currently titled “Silver Night,” the past few weeks. Yes, I’ve been slacking on Dreamscape while writing this, but it’s just fit my mood more, recently. The thing is, it’s probably fit my mood TOO well: “Silver Night” is the most personal and, well, emotional (damn, but I hate using that as a descriptor concerning my own work) I’ve written. I’m not even sure I want the story to see the light of day (i.e. be shown to public audiences). In some ways, I really like it and I’m proud to have written it; in others, I’m not so sure. This being the case, I’ve decided to leave it up to whatever audience I actually have on this website. If you read my stuff, let me know if I should post “Silver Night” sometime in the near future. This one is entirely up to my readers. Comment away!

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