I’m alive…somehow


Remember when I was super excited to take the train north from London to Glasgow, and I was going to do a bunch of revisions and work on Of Genesis and write a new Book of the Week post?

Yeah, Storm Desmond had different plans.

I have never had a more insane day of travel in my life. I got to be nice and comfy in first class on the train for all of an hour before landslides and severe flooding forced the train to stop, all the passengers were shuffled off, and we were ferried aboard buses to take us the rest of the way north to Glasgow. The bus I was on broke down about 45 minutes later, because of course, and I ended up in a taxi with five Scottish women, being driven by a lunatic who thought it was great fun to go 85 mph and hydroplane all over the highway in the midst of a minor hurricane.

Did I mention that my seatbelt was broken? Because my seatbelt was broken. I legitimately thought I was going to die last Saturday, as this taxi skidded from lane to lane and six people yelled at the driver to slow the eff down.

Somehow, somehow, we made it to Glasgow in one piece, after seeing no fewer than six overturned vehicles on that highway.

I’m back in Colorado now after a less-eventful-but-still-hectic-at-times weekend, and it feels great to be home. Maybe now I’ll be able to get back into my routine of posting here.

Oh, and did I mention that I had the manuscript of All Flames Cast requested by an agent in NY? Because that happened. Full steam ahead on revisions!

Cup of Dcaf: Off to the Alpha Readers


It’s a scary thing. All Flames Cast is nearing completion. Technically, I suppose, this is the first draft. In a day or two, I will have checked off every plot point and checkpoint on my outline. I’ll have a word count and a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

On the other hand, this really isn’t a first draft. All Flames Cast is in its third incarnation. It started out, as some of you may remember, as Seeds of Doubt back in 2012. I got pretty far into the first draft of that book, working off the same outline document that I’ve had open on my computer for the past month straight. But, as first drafts tend to go, it was really, really flawed. I had to throw out about 40,000 words and basically start over. And then, this spring, I took two months off to revisit the outline and a bunch of the chapters I’d already written, giving it a once (or twice)-over and working out some of the kinks.

And now, with three short chapters left to finish, I’m working with my alpha readers.

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