#WoTMe – The Wheel of Time Community Stands Against Bullying


I had no expectations of this Friday being anything but a normal end of the work week trudge. Instead, I got to witness one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen: a community and fanbase come together in defense of one of its own, in a stand of solidarity.

Last night, on a Wheel of Time Facebook group that features over 5000 members, one fan posted a selfie and asked which character he most resembled. He was greeted by a vitriolic bully, persistent and cruel.

Thankfully, an admin on the group was alerted to it and actually rousted herself from bed to handle the situation. That’s pretty awesome by itself, but the aftermath was the stunning part.

Selfies. An absolute flood of selfies, from all over the world, from all kinds of people, many of them professing shyness and taking their own photos down after posting, only to be encouraged and repost them. One giant demonstration of support and the start of a trend: #WoTMe. It’s been one constant outpouring of solidarity, and the best part?

The guy who was originally bullied so fiercely over his picture came back and posted again.

Awesome work, WoT fans. Keep being cool, and help get rid of those obnoxious online bullies.