The Importance of Revision


While catching up on podcasts over at the excellent Social Media Examiner, I stumbled across one in particular that discussed a couple of things that have been important in my own writing processes, recently: storytelling, and revision.

While the importance of revision gets hammered home at every level, one aspect of it often goes unappreciated. The benefits of revision are obvious, of course, as it only takes one story, advertisement, email, or essay to realize that errors happen in first drafts. New or better ideas come along, and make your writing stronger. It’s a fact of every writer’s life. Continue reading

The New Dcafwriting


It’s with a lot of excitement that I can announce some changes coming to Dcafwriting. Over the next few weeks, the site will be undergoing a design and layout overhaul, with one really big new change: Dcaf Copy.

Dcaf Copy is going to be an entire second section of this site, and a new side business I’m starting. With weekly blog posts on copywriting, web sales, and email marketing, Dcaf Copy will be the foundation for what will start off as a freelance service with an eye toward something more permanent in the future. This service will cover everything from email advertising campaigns, to web content copy, to blogging, and more.

While the focus of the upcoming changes is on Dcaf Copywriting, the creative soul of this site will remain. I’ll be streamlining the existing categories and working toward getting new, varied, creative writing in the coming months. Keep an eye out for new chapters from All Flames Cast, new short stories, and even some fresh poetry.