Cup of Dcaf: The Curse of Deadlines


Any writer knows about deadlines. Whether you’re a creative writer working on a draft, or a copywriter slogging through an article or manual, you understand how a deadline looms every time you sit down and put your fingers to the keyboard.

That dark cloud hovers in the back of your mind, tensing the muscles in your shoulders. A little bundle of urgency bubbles in your stomach. The thing is, deadlines are both a blessing and a curse. Continue reading

Cup of Dcaf: Momentum in Writing


It’s no secret that writing a novel is a tough thing to do. There are a variety of difficulties that many people, including myself, encounter on that rocky and twisting road toward completing a manuscript, but one of the most common is the simple fact of motivating yourself to actually put those words on the page. Continue reading

The Importance of Revision


While catching up on podcasts over at the excellent Social Media Examiner, I stumbled across one in particular that discussed a couple of things that have been important in my own writing processes, recently: storytelling, and revision.

While the importance of revision gets hammered home at every level, one aspect of it often goes unappreciated. The benefits of revision are obvious, of course, as it only takes one story, advertisement, email, or essay to realize that errors happen in first drafts. New or better ideas come along, and make your writing stronger. It’s a fact of every writer’s life. Continue reading