The 10 Star Wars Books You Need to Read Before Watching The Force Awakens


If there’s one thing any fan of pop culture knows, it’s that the Star Wars movie is coming out in a month and a half. Every tiny little detail in posters, teasers, trailers, games, what have you, is being dissected and analyzed for plot points and theories. The biggest reason this is happening is because nobody knows what’s going on with the new post-Return of the Jedi plot.

I say new because, as some or many of you may know, the old Expanded Universe was defenestrated by the new story group after Star Wars was acquired by Disney. This decision was either the best thing to happen to Star Wars or the worst, depending on whom you ask. Continue reading

Book of the Week – July 9th 2015


Yeah, yeah. I know. I didn’t do a Book of the Week last week. The truth is, moving is the worst thing and drives me nuts and I completely lost track of what day it was. By the time I realized I needed to do one of these posts, it was Sunday night and I was just beginning to get ready for a new work week.

Anyway, you actually get a Book of the Week this Thursday. And this one is going to stick with the same genre theme as the last one I did. This week’s is I, Jedi by Michael A. Stackpole.

I, Jedi

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